New beginnings

Welcome to my new look website.

It has been long overdue an update and now seems like a good time to start afresh as I find myself coming to terms with the loss of my amazing Pingy. He gave me many years of fun and pleasure and took me to the dizzy heights of Grand Prix in training and competed successfully to Inter 1.

It has also been a transitional time with the fabulous Frodo who has retired from competition and similar to Pingy was ready to go and compete at Grand Prix in 2020 but never did due to covid. He is now enjoying a slower pace of life generally hacking and just occasionally showing off some of his tricks in the arena still.
For me it has taken quite some adjusting over the last couple of years to not being out competing most weekends at advanced level.

But now it’s time for a new start and I’d like to introduce Tilly who is a 7yo Welsh D and Sweepy a 3yo, also a Welsh D. We backed Tilly at the very end of 2021 and is now starting her dressage journey with me.

It is very strange for me to be right back at the starting point with these two ponies and while I really do miss working with horses at the higher levels it is very interesting to be working with such green horses again (as it’s been a while!) and the added bonus is that I can practice applying all of the concepts I have written about in my book “The Training Spiral”.
So here is to an exciting and hopefully successful future with these two.