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Sue Grice

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Sue & Frodo   

2019 triple Scottish Champions

Nominated for the Scottish Equestrian Awards

2020 Pet Plan Inspirational star


I am a UKCC level 3 dressage coach, BHS and BD accredited coach. 

I teach all disciplines of riding, specialising in dressage . 

Offering tuition to a wide range of people from complete beginners to those preparing for BHS exams. Ridden and non-ridden   tuition. Location - your yard or mine.

Dressage  clinics


Dressage to music clinics

I run dressage clinics in which we cover  techniques to improve your test riding as well as tackling that sometimes  tricky transition up to the next level. I will provide you with quality instruction for you and your horse to improve your skills and understanding.


Equine Courses

Courses in  practical Non-ridden training, natural horsemanship, stable management, lunging and long-reining .


Non-ridden  training

I also offer training in  ground work with your horse. I incorporate many different techniques and styles according to what best suits you and your horse.  This Non-ridden training is a great way to build a strong partnership with your horse, it helps to build trust and respect between you and your horse. Non-ridden training can help with all sorts of issues such as your horse being a bit pushy when you lead him or problems with trailer loading, or issues at the mounting block.

With a good partnership on the ground riders will become aware of the benefits under saddle too.

Of course not all horses are ridden and there is lots of fun to be had with your non-ridden horse too. With my non-ridden training a whole new world could open up for  you and your horse.

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