Championships here we come!

I am beginning to feel the full impact of being an author and far from being able to just write a book and get it published then sit back and hide in the background like I normally do I am finding that I am having to be more public than expected as I have been […]

I’m a ‘doer’ not a ‘watcher’

People often ask me oh did you see that video on Face Book of whoever or that persons post, or did you watch the eventing on tv the other day, more often than not my answer is no. They look at my slightly oddly… why would I not have seen it? They expect that as […]

Advancing up the Training Spiral

Well it has been an interesting time with Tilly, her schooling is coming on at an amazing pace. I’m not pushing her beyond her ability physically or mentally but she has such a desire to learn and such ability that she has progressed much faster than I had ever imagined she would. As I reflect […]

Looking forward to the new year

Well, I finally succumbed to the dreaded Covid, a couple of weeks before xmas, to top it all off we had 18” of snow to contend with and Andy also got covid and had a sore foot so couldn’t walk. But we survived, muddled through, and got all the horses and other animals looked after!On […]

Busy, busy, busy

Busy, busy, busyWell it has been a really busy time with lots of coaching, riding and competitions not to mention running our small holding. I’ve been up and down the road to Fife regularly to teach and have some great clients there, then I’ve also been busy teaching in and around Moray fabulous clients and […]

Conveying our message

Over the last few months I have been considering more and more about how we convey our message not only to one another but also to our horses. One thing that started me thinking about this perhaps more than normal was when I was doing the book edits that the publishers had requested where they […]

Busy summer

Its been a busy time with the horses and teaching not to mention working on the latest book edits. My new beginnings seem to be becoming regular work pattern now. Tilly is working away really well and taking to her dressage training very eagerly. I have also started to play very gently with the dressage […]

New beginnings

Welcome to my new look website. t has been long overdue an update and now seems like a good time to start afresh as I find myself coming to terms with the loss of my amazing Pingy. He gave me many years of fun and pleasure