Busy summer

Its been a busy time with the horses and teaching not to mention working on the latest book edits. My new beginnings seem to be becoming regular work pattern now. Tilly is working away really well and taking to her dressage training very eagerly. I have also started to play very gently with the dressage star to be… Sweepie and she is now working under saddle in walk and trot and taking it all in her stride which is great. she is only 3 and a half years old so everything is very low key at the moment as I don’t believe in working them too hard or too young, however she is well mature and very strong (think she is going to be a tank once fully mature) her work sessions this week have involved a short lunge or long rein (5-10 mins max) then me riding for 10 mins or so last couple of sessions we have had a trot around the arena a couple of laps as well, and thats it, job done after all she is only a baby!

Next up another teaching trip to Fife which I always enjoy but have to confess I am always very tired by the time I get home and it takes me a couple of days to recover. But this time I only get a a couple fo days recovery then we are heading down to Rockrose Equestrian for the Scottish Dressage Champs. Well done Tilly for qualifying (but to be honest its kind of my summer holiday more than anything, lol)

Last year didn’t go with a horse but went with my 4 month old puppy Tenjie instead as William (the horse I had on loan that had qualified for the champs was lame) and my friend Sara was travelling down with me. Have to say we had a great time and what a fantastic experience it was for my puppy. Lets hope Tilly has just as good an experience. Tune in to my next blog to hear all about it 🙂

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