Conveying our message

Over the last few months I have been considering more and more about how we convey our message not only to one another but also to our horses.
One thing that started me thinking about this perhaps more than normal was when I was doing the book edits that the publishers had requested where they felt there could be more explanation about some of the concepts.
Now as you have likely noticed by now reading my blogs my grammar, spelling and general writing is not that great. No be brutally honest …. its not! It never has been!! I struggled with the written language all through school, only to be diagnosed as dyslexic when I started University (as a mature student!).
So writing a book has been a challenge for me. however what I have realised is that even if my written language is not 100% (don’t worry the publishers will make sure it is before the book is published!) the main purpose of writing is to convey a message.
Now it might irritate some people if the grammar is incorrect or some words are misspelt, but the bigger question should be did you understand the message being conveyed? if you did then the written words have conveyed their message.

I find myself relating this to how we communicate with our horses, sometimes when riding we get so tied up in knots worrying about the technicality of this leg here, that hand there, my weight over there, the horses speed like this, his bend there etc, etc, etc that we start to forget what the message we were trying to convey in the first place actually was. So sometimes lets worry less about the technicality and just focus on what we are trying to say and not be too picky.
Of course there is always a time and place to be pick….. like when publishing a book, or riding your dressage test. But believe me there have been many draft and very poorly written versions of the book before it is at the stage it is now.

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