Busy, busy, busy

Busy, busy, busy
Well it has been a really busy time with lots of coaching, riding and competitions not to mention running our small holding.

I’ve been up and down the road to Fife regularly to teach and have some great clients there, then I’ve also been busy teaching in and around Moray fabulous clients and horses here too!

Have had a busy competition schedule with Tilly and she has pulled in some fantastic results for her first season under saddle, with her qualifying for the simmer regionals an coming a respectable 6th, then qualifying for the Scottish Champs and she managed a win in the freestyle and also a 2nd in the Celtic Champs. So now we will be turning our attention to more fitness work, hacking and general training over the winter.

The darling little Sweepie has been ticking along nicely and just learning all the basics, nothing at all high pressured, so hopefully she may be ready for an outing next year?


And the best news is that Mr Frodo is feeling so good and enjoying schooling again and may not be so retired after all!

With such a busy schedule it made me wonder how to get the best “work life balance” that people always talk about….. but what if your work is your life? I’ll let you know if I ever figure it out lol!

Don’t get me wrong I love every moment of it all and wouldn’t change a thing 😉

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