Looking forward to the new year

Well, I finally succumbed to the dreaded Covid, a couple of weeks before xmas, to top it all off we had 18” of snow to contend with and Andy also got covid and had a sore foot so couldn’t walk. But we survived, muddled through, and got all the horses and other animals looked after!
On the plus side of this at least I wasn’t feeling frustrated about not being able to ride while we had the snow as I was feeling too ill to care!

However here we are now about 3 weeks on and I’m getting my mojo back and wanting to get going again. Now I am feeling frustrated as we still have the snow, and more on the way

Always trying to see the silver lining, this has given me a chance to try and get to grips more with my social media presence. Trafalgar Square Books, the publishers for my book “The Training Spiral” have been asking me to have more of a presence on social media to help to promote the book (which will be released end of March, beginning of April).

Any of you who know me will understand this is a bit alien to me and taking me well out of my comfort zone, but this is going to have to be my new year’s resolution to get more active and promote myself (and the book) more on social media!

Whilst doing some research on Instagram I started to get very envious of all these dressage riders who are riding in beautiful indoor arenas, thinking how easy / comfortable / cosy training in the winter must be with facilities like that, as I’m looking at my snow-covered arena in freezing cold temperatures, wondering when the arena might be ridable again.

Still, I’m not going to complain at all as I do have my 10m indoor round pen, OK so not big enough to ride in but I can at least give the horses a leg stretch and do some in hand work with them which will keep thinks ticking along till the snow melts. Don’t be fooled though, this indoor area may look warm but its still blinking cold!

So, looking ahead to 2023, I now have my two lovely welshies to work with and compete so lots to look forward to with them, and of course the publication of “The Training Spiral” and hopefully you will be seeing a lot more of me on social media…. My 2023 mantra “I must be active on social media, I must be more active on social media”.
I hope you are all surviving the winter OK and wish you all the very best for 2023. Thank you for reading

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  1. I am really enjoying your updates Sue and can’t wait to see your progress with your two welshies. I learn so much just from watching you. I have lots of horsey goals for 2023 which I know I can achieve with your help, can’t wait for my next lesson!

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