Advancing up the Training Spiral

Well it has been an interesting time with Tilly, her schooling is coming on at an amazing pace. I’m not pushing her beyond her ability physically or mentally but she has such a desire to learn and such ability that she has progressed much faster than I had ever imagined she would.

As I reflect upon her work I can clearly identify the different stages of her progress in relation to the ‘Training Spiral’ and it is so clear how we progress upward then after a new challenge we will drop back to the ‘Safety net’ level before progressing upwards again.

Her weaknesses are also evident at each level of the Training Spiral as well as her strengths,
but I believe that her rapid progress is due in no small part to the structure and clarity of this training framework and the clear communication which allows her to understand each step in the training very clearly.

I am really looking forward to getting back out competing again soon, the winter is not always easy for us to get out competing so roll-on spring!

Sweepie is also coming on well, but we have been taking things very gently and only doing short sessions in the arena, and some walking hacks going out exploring. So far, she is taking everything in her stride. She still has a lot of growing to do and is currently changing shape on a weekly basis.

The rest of the gang are all keeping well, Frodo is enjoying semi-retirement with some hacks and occasionally throwing some moves in the arena, he still like to show off and do some flying changes just for the fun of it, even when I’ve not asked him to do them!

I am looking forward to getting back down to Fife for my teaching trips again, it will be lovely to catch up with everyone in Fife again, and it looks as though it will be a busy season with teaching, competing and bringing on youngsters, and not forgetting my book will be released in a few weeks (exciting!)… busy, busy but doing things I love so bring it on 🙂

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