I’m a ‘doer’ not a ‘watcher’

People often ask me oh did you see that video on Face Book of whoever or that persons post, or did you watch the eventing on tv the other day, more often than not my answer is no. They look at my slightly oddly… why would I not have seen it? They expect that as a person so involved with horses that of course I would have seen it!

The reality is I am a horsey person who is very involved with horses, but in my case that means being outside working with my horses, or teaching, or mucking out and sweeping the yard, cleaning tack etc. Finding the time to browse through the social media feeds of all my friends and clients is somewhat of a luxury I just don’t have.
So to my friends and clients, please don’t be offended that I’m not following you on your social media and I don’t know every detail of your life and what has been happening, it is only because I’ve been too busy living my life haha 😉
I have always been more of a ‘doer’ rather than a ‘watcher’ in life anyway, whenever I’m watching other people riding it just makes me want to go out and ride, I’m too much of a fidget when I sit down (unless I’m on a horse)!

I have been catching up with CPD courses and first aid courses etc just recently so not been so active on my own social media, but I hope to be back on it again now, and though I was well overdue to add to my blog again, so here I am.

I’ve been bringing Frodo back into work again as he had some time off and he is feeling on good form throwing some very fancy airs above the ground and generally bouncing about everywhere which is lovely to see him feeling so good.

Young Sweepie has had a few weeks off to let her continue growing, but will be starting her back into some work again this week.
While madam Tilly has been on super form, she is still astounding me with the speed at which she picks up new movements. I now feel we are a real team and she is on my side even though she still likes to sound her opinions on how things should be done, that is fine as I believe everyone should be allowed their own opinion. However she is in agreement with me more and more these days and she is becoming a very exciting pony to ride.

On the book front things are going well, the feedback from people who have read it is very positive, apart from one friend who sadly no longer has a horse to ride who read it and was upset as they said they now wished they had a horse to ride a train as they felt this book would help them to achieve a much higher level than they had thought possible. Even getting coverage on one of America’s leading Equestrian News sites.


It is now available in the UK on amazon, they sorted out the problems where they were trying to sell the American version in the UK. It is now only the UK version that you can get here in the UK.
I would be hugely grateful if anyone does buy a copy from Amazon if you could leave a review on Amazon for me as every little bit helps, thank you.
Well that’s enough writing for me just now, I’m getting fidgety and my horses are needing exercised.

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