Championships here we come!

I am beginning to feel the full impact of being an author and far from being able to just write a book and get it published then sit back and hide in the background like I normally do I am finding that I am having to be more public than expected as I have been asked to do an interview for a podcast in America. Excited but nervous at the same time!

However I feel I have some good social media opportunities coming up as Tilly will be heading to the Scottish dressage championships in September and she has also qualified to go to the PetPlan Finals in October too. So she has a busy time with some long road trips ahead. I have decided that if any friends come with me they will be appointed my social media PA’s lol!

Sweepie seems to have got the grasp of her canter transitions now and I am starting to look at the schedules to see when it might be a good time to start getting her out to some competitions for experience, but between Tillys road trips, my Fife trips and teaching there isn’t much time left so may be a few months before she makes her first outing. So time for a bit of down time before then.

Lots to look forward to over the coming months and hopefully you will be able to follow Tilly’s and Sweepie’s progress on social media if my PA’s do a good job 😉

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