2023 roundup

Well what a year 2023 was. It was a year packed with adventures and milestones, most notable of which was become a published author. Something which I would never in a million years have thought about attempting when I was growing up yet here I am possibly about to embark on another book.
As for my adventures with little Tilly, she exceeded all of our expectations and is turning into a little dressage diva. Achieving podium finishes at the Scottish champs and Area Festivals and also competing at the PetPlan finals. I am very excited to see what 2024 holds for us.
In other ways it has been a tough year with Andy needing to be away more than usual. We have been having to schedule our trips away teaching and competing around one another more than normal. But I want to give a huge thanks to Andy for all his help and support as I couldn’t do my Fife teaching trips, or go away competing if he wasn’t here looking after all the other animals. Thanks also to all my friends who have helped and supported me on my book writing endeavours and competing.  
Also want to thank Cavallo Hoof Boots for their continued sponsorship and for keeping my horses comfortable with their boots.
Wishing everyone a fantastic and successful 20204

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