Sue Grice


Offering tuition to a wide range of people from complete beginners to those preparing for BHS exams. Ridden and non-ridden tuition. Location - your yard or mine.


Riding Coaching

As a BHS II(sm) and holder of the UKCC level 3 Dressage specific I offer riding instruction for all levels of rider on your own horse.

I teach all disciplines of riding and specialise in dressage training.

Dressage clinics

I run dressage clinics in which we cover techniques to improve your test riding as well as tackling that sometimes tricky transition up to the next level. I will provid you with quality instruction for you and your horse to improve your skills and understanding.


Equine Courses:

Courses in practical Non-ridden training, natural horsemanship, stable management, lunging and long-reining .


Non-ridden training

I also offer training in ground work with your horse. I incorporate many different techniques and styles according to what best suits you and your horse. This Non-ridden training is a great way to build a strong partnership with your horse, it helps to build trust and respect between you and your horse. Non-ridden training can help with all sorts of issues such as your horse being a bit pushy to trailer loading problems.

With a good partnership on the ground riders will become aware of the benefits under saddle too.

Of course not all horses are ridden and there is lots of fun to be had with your non-ridden horse too. With my non-ridden training a whole new world could open up for you and your horse.


2019 Dates


Fife Teaching:

15-18 March

19-22 April


Latest news: Pingy and Frodo had a fantastic trip to Pet Plan Area Finals with Pingy winning the inter 1 and coming 3rd in the PSG


The Important Stuff......

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So what is 'Non-ridden training'' all about?


It is exactly what it says! its about training your horse when your not riding. Many people put lots of time and effort in to the ridden training of their horse yet neglect the non-ridden training element of a horses education. For example I have seen highly trained dressage horses, that need three people to hold on to them while the rider gets on.

Life with your horse can be so much more pleasurable, smoother and safer if you take the time to do some non-ridden training with your horse.


How do I go about it? - well for me It is about communicating with your horse better in order to achieve your goals in a harmonious way with your horse, and remember that communication is a two-way thing, so it is not just about you telling or forcing your horse to do something!


It is up to you what your goals are and they may change as you discover more about communicating with your horse.

For example your goal may be something like:


"My horse won't stand still at the mounting block for me to get on….But I don’t want to learn about all the natural way of riding etc. I just want to be able to get on my horse and go out for a ride, without it taking me 10 minutes to get on every time"


This is fine, I will teach you what you need know in order to understand why your horse will not stand at the mounting block and for you to train your horses to willingly stand still for you.


Of course if your goals are: "I want to be able to work my horse at liberty in the field" then what I teach you will need to be more in-depth.